Internal Audit Director
SNG GrantThornton
Johannesburg, Gauteng
Posted 08 October 2019 - Closing Date 31 October 2019

Job Details

Job Description

 Key Responsibilities

  • To adhere to the organisation’s journey to achieve a performance culture and therefore a commitment to the processes and initiatives underlying the achievement of such a performance culture
  • To be aligned to the shared vision and values of the organisation
  • To inspire, motivate and develop our people and be a trusted business advisor to clients
  • To adhere to the organisation’s code of conduct as well as its rules and regulations as stipulated in the shareholders agreement
  • To hold others accountable and to be held accountable for positions and duties with which they are entrusted
  • Maintain the highest levels of ethics and integrity at all times
  • Serve the best interest of the organisation with care, skill, diligence and courage.
  • Transparent by disclosing information that will enable stakeholders to hold the organisation to account and that provides a holistic representation of the organisation's past performance and its prospects for future value-creation.
  • To adhere to all other legislative requirements governing the organisation and the individual’s field of expertise
  • To refrain from breaching confidentiality by disclosing to personnel and others confidential information relating to the director body discussions and deliberations and information relating to clients
  • To refrain from communicating negatively about the affairs of the organisation both internally to staff and externally to clients and other members of the public


  • Participate in setting direction for the service line, financial and administrative decision-taking
  • To translate service line strategy into KPI’s for self and team
  • Participate in the evaluation of the performance and management of the service line and own teams: The main purpose is monitoring activities and performance. This includes actioning interventions and the overall management of assignments.
  • Plan, monitor and implement strategic projects allocated to him/her

Self Governance

  • Understand and implement the changes to the Organisational Design
  • Participate in the continuous refinement of the Operating Model.
  • Participate in the continuous refinement of the High-Performance Model
  • Lead and participate in goal setting and planning for self and mentees
  • Manage and report on performance area for which he/she is allocated responsibility by the service line leader
  • Report on culture initiatives within his/her teams


  • Growth: Contribute towards the for Value Proposition Development and ‘’Go-To Market’’ strategies for the service line
  • Growth: Accountable, together with service line leaders and provincial heads, for co-creating, executing and monitoring provincial ‘’go-to market’’ strategies for the service lines
  • Growth: Jointly accountable for Revenue Growth, together with service line and provincial leaders
  • Drive business development in the service line
  • Ensure financial targets set out in his/her KPI’s are achieved and report on inconsistencies to service line leader
  • Select and engage in relevant industry events nationally and internally to promote the firm and generate significant leads pipeline

Practice management

  • Practice Management: Co-accountable for - Profit, Delivery, Quality, Capability Building and Capacity Management with the service line leaders and provincial leaders
  • Monitor performance against budgets for the year and report on inconsistencies to Service line leaders and MANCO
  • Enforce compliance with internal business processes and customer management processes
  • Comply with the good governance policies defined y the organisation
  • Ensure risk management practices of the organisation are complied with
  • Ensure that quality control of the organisation is embedded in all the processes


  • Drive the implementation of talent management policies and processes for his/her mentees
  • Ensure the development of his/her mentees in the organisation to be technical experts, to manage talent management processes of his/her mentees including (talent acquisition, succession planning, career management)
  • Comply with the governance structures within the organisation to achieve on the strategies of the organisation
  • Provide strategic direction to the mentees and align people to the strategy
  • Communicate the vision and strategy of the organisation to all mentees and personnel in the service line
  • Implement and monitor performance management processes for his/her mentees including the responsibility for managing out poor performers
  • Set clearly defined KPI’s for his/her mentees
  • Manage the capacity requirements of his/her assignments to ensure that the optimal capacity resulting from the engagement planning and strategy process is not exceeded
  • Coach mentees and ensure they become effective business leaders
  • Ensure the development of high performing teams in the service line
  • Assist the service line leader to identify a strong leadership pipeline
  • Assist the service line leader to ensure effective succession planning for the service line
  • Ensure that gearing (Partner to staff) ratio is appropriate on assignments
  • Implement organisations reward and recognition policies
  • Lead and inspire people
  • Identify key areas of strength of the engagement teams on his/her engagements and leverage off those key strengths

Manage the performance of the engagement team

  • Capacity building at staff level
  • As and when interaction is required, to meet with the Head of Assurance, CEO and the Chairperson
  • Feedback on progress and projects to Head of Assurance on weekly/monthly basis
  • Recruit and retain the best people
  • Recruit specific team members
  • Lead, energise and inspire people
  • Empower staff and train others
  • Mentor others and provide mentors for staff members
  • Manage the performance of staff
  • Set example to staff by living values of SNG and lead from the front Client
  • Manage projects within allocated portfolio
  • Monitor the budget to Actuals within projects
  • Manage controllable costs and write-offs within projects
  • Drive business development by growing the client book
  • Conversion of ideas to new products, new market strategies and new efficiency strategies
  • Generate, in conjunction with relevant persons, new client business
  • Project delivery: Sign agreements and management engagement with client throughout project execution
  • Sell across industry to secure sustainable business
  • Manage portfolio of clients
  • Implement the Client Management Framework on his or her assignments and in the service line
  • Engage clients and build sustainable relationships that he/she is able to leverage off and translate into revenue for the firm and networks off which the firm can leverage
  • Manage client expectations
  • Build relationships and deliver services to clients on an on-going basis to grow the business
  • Provide clients with an integrated business solution
  • Be a strategic account leader
  • Innovation to distinguish firm from the competition in the marketplace
  • Provide relevant information in strategic meetings to clients, management and potential clients
  • Manage the assignment to ensure that they:
  • Deliver and improve services by understanding client’s needs
  • Manage client expectations
  • Build relationships and deliver services to clients on an on-going basis to grow the business
  • Provide clients with an integrated business solution
  • Ensure client satisfaction surveys are completed and followed up on
  • Conduct executive interviews with service line leaders on priority clients
  • Develop high impact relationships with priority clients - Manage relationships with CEO’s of priority clients, CFOs, Directors, and Chairs of Audit Committees
  • Ensure compliance of client acceptance procedures
  • Review reports of priority clients to ensure that they meet the quality standards of the firm
  • Inculcate a culture of service excellence within the organisation
  • Engage with service line leaders and high priority clients to run thought leadership sessions
  • Ensure projects are properly planned and staffed
  • Follow good governance policies
  • Investigate the latest updates and developments in industry
  • Ensure compliance of client procedures
  • Review reports to ensure that they meet the quality standards of the firm
  • Quality check and sign off proposals prior to them being released to clients
  • Co-ordinate resources
  • Sign off deliverables and approve relevant expenditures and disbursements
  • Supply internal and external audit across service and industry lines
  • Comply with internal business processes and customer management processes
  • Ensure work in progress is updated timeously, billings performed timeously and debtors timeously collected
  • Ensure quality review processes met in respect of internal review processes
  • Bring in subcontractors for projects when necessary
  • Planning, Organising and Controlling all operations

Stakeholder engagement

  • Engage with Service line leaders on matters relating to his/her portfolio
  • Engage with internal Policy committee, EXCO and Extended Exco on matters for which he/she is allocated responsibility as required


  • Innovation fundamental to distinguish firm from the competition in the marketplace
  • Create developmental opportunities
  • Work with service line leaders to engage in necessary research and formulate strategic approaches

Qualification and Experience

  • Honours degree in relevant field (BCom Hons)
  • Minimum10 years’ experience as a CIA / CA (SA) auditing various types of clients.
  • IT Auditing will be advantageous
  • A minimum of 10 years’ Internal Audit Experience
  • Experience in a Professional Services firm essential
  • Experience at an Associate Director level in a Big 4 firm or a Director in a Medium or Small Auditing firm or as Head of Internal Audit in an in-house outfit
  • Tender experience
  • Business Development, Presentation and Influencing Skills
  • Relevant Performance Management experience
  • Integrated and industry knowledge imperative
  • Organisational skills to delegate and receive appropriate feedback
  • Some audit experience in the field in which your portfolio lies. (e.g. public sector)


  • Industry knowledge
  • Public sector knowledge
  • Sound knowledge of general management, project management and business principles
  • Managing and providing coaching and mentoring for staff
  • Manage financial component of people
  • Sound business model implementation
  • Act autonomously where necessary